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  3. Dating Coach on Wheels: top tips from disability and dating expert
  4. Dating Coach on Wheels: top tips from disability and dating expert

No one is going to slap, punch or snub a guy in a wheelchair, right? You clearly pay a great deal of attention to your appearance — the signature bow tie, a pop of colour and an overall minimalist, classy look. How did you develop your personal sense of style and why do you feel this is so important? I believe that you attract what you project.

I now look completely different from how I used to. We all need to embrace our individuality, consider what we wear and how we wear it. Much emphasis is placed on sex, and for some disabled people, this can be a cause for concern. How would you coach someone whose disability prevents them from having sex? With regards to sex itself, clients explain their difficulties, circumstances and challenges to me.

Want Hotter Women? Yes, you do. So get the free book and learn how

Firstly, I ask what the client wants. Do they want someone a carer, for example to support them to participate in sex? Or do they want their partner to support them in the act? Tell them what you want in a flirtatious way and make it sound hot and kinky, rather than practical. You have talked candidly about sex and your own personal experiences. Why do you feel it is important to share this in order to help others?

I offer advice that is sometimes unconventional. All experience is beneficial.

Free Book. Get Beautiful Women Today

Do you think men struggle more than women with confidence and making themselves attractive to others? Obviously, as a guy myself, I can relate more to men, although I have had more female clients recently. I have a wealth of dating and relationship experience that allows me to relate and identify with male clients in particular.

There is definitely a gap of knowledge for some guys. Women want them to take control, but in order to get their guy to that place, they themselves have to take control. As a dating coach, I help people build the confidence and skills they need to make themselves more attractive to others.

For the most part, I communicate with clients through video calls, but we also email in between. The length of time I spend with a client depends very much on what they want me to help with, and how hard they are willing to work to achieve their goal. I spent up to a year working with one particular guy who is actually able-bodied. He was incredibly reserved in social settings, due to a lack of self-confidence, and was looking for more than just a few pointers.

What is the one question you are asked most frequently, and what advice do you give in response? Men want to know how to ask a girl out and how they can tell if she likes them. My response is to learn to say no. Take your time and make a guy work for it.

Dating Coach on Wheels: top tips from disability and dating expert

What are your top dating tips for those who are particularly nervous or lacking in confidence? I still get nervous going on a date for the first time. It takes courage and courage leads to nervousness; everyone feels it. No matter what, you have to try. We all have to go through awkward stages and you will probably look back and cringe at yourself and your failed dates — I know I have.

These people are a more rare breed, so it will take work and inevitable heartbreak to find them. But it can be done. In terms of date conversation, pauses, I think, are actually a good, powerful thing. They can be sexual and flirtatious, allowing you to lock eyes and check each other out.

Dating Coach on Wheels: top tips from disability and dating expert

I am consciously quiet for extended periods when I go on a date. This lets her know I like her and will probably make her giggle and flirt in return. Become interested in your date and respond to their answers. Dig deeper into what they do want to talk about and tap into their interests. At the end of the day, they need to trust me and do what I tell them, no questions asked. I enjoy writing, but, mostly I love making videos, talking and being myself on camera. I feel like I was born to do the work I do. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. James, Living The Simple Life. Lauren and Kelly say goodbye to by reviewing a list of minimalist lessons they have learned, and they celebrate the new year by sharing their minimalist goals and ambitions!

When it comes to setting resolutions, Lauren and Kelly discuss how minimalist principles can help us maintain momentum and appreciate small wins. Using a bullet journal to manage our tasks is just one way to track the smaller accomplishments that move us closer to achieving our bigger goals. Lauren and Kelly are excited to master their minimalist goals into and they hope you will continue to share in their journey! They each exchange 20 things they have learned from each other including minimalist lessons and fun facts and details about one another. Their exchange is thoughtful and witty, and they work to inspire you to find beauty in gift giving beyond the physical things.

They then focus their conversation on consumerism and brands. Kelly shares her thoughts on the powerful impact millennials have on the success of brands and she argues that minimalism helps us weed out brands that do not speak our language.

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As minimalists we still need to buy things, and we popularize brands that foster a genuine connection and support our values including quality, sustainability, local, and organic etc. This episode ends with a challenge for big brands. For those that want to learn more about how to better engage with millennials and minimalists and have the confidence to make changes, Kelly and Lauren want to connect with you! Build a relationship with Kelly and Lauren and let them be your advocates! Let them help you crack the millennial and minimalist codes.

If you are looking to regain power over your goals and values — listen to this episode! Freedom is one of the ultimate benefits of adopting a minimalist lifestyle. Minimalism is freedom from clutter, freedom from temptations, freedom from keeping up with the joneses and so much more.

Kelly discusses the freedom she has gained since adopting this lifestyle, while Lauren reviews discipline-focused readings and podcasts to communicate the interconnection between discipline, minimalism, and freedom. Discipline Equals Freedom by Jocko Willink. Learn how minimalism can help you on the path to productivity! For Lauren and Kelly, minimalism has inspired them to start their every day with a plan. Minimalism is a tool they use to achieve greater mental focus and work smarter. It's about creating as effective and balanced lifestyle that you can keep up with each day.

Lauren and Kelly share their definitions of minimalism and the varying explanations between minimalist thought leaders including Colin Wright , The Minimalists , Joshua Becker , and Leo Babauta. Considering the growing interest in minimalism today, Lauren and Kelly reinforce that there are many types of minimalists and ways of living with less. They define minimalism as a tool that can be used by all to design a more meaningful life.