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Watch dating vietnam online | METE AKYOL

Seniormatch - so why you go nguoi yeu ly tuong hom nay. Marriage in the leading industry brands and to find online dating service, phpbb group dating vietnam war multiple choice test your password? In Nah Trang we had a great night with locals in one of the late night bars. We travelled as a couple backpacking and took the normal bus route from South to North which I never looked forward to, but despite being droppped off with no accommodation we found some superb stuff just from the touts on the bus and I really thought it would be the other way round.

In Hoi An we had a superb little restaurant we frequented and got treated so well it was hard to believe and the food was superb, and very cheap. As some of the comments and responses have indicated you get good an bad experiences in many countries depending who you travel with, how you react to things, and just the circumstances you end up in.

If you do go, this is one place I found it was really good to splurge on accommodation if you wanted a break from backpacking…. As for the post itself, good that you speak your mind, but I hope others only treat it as one experience, which may be wildly different from the experience they have. My comments are from a trip inlate I think age, race, and appearance can definitely factor into how we are treated abroad.

And you make a good point that they may not have fond feelings for the West. While I really enjoyed the architecture and history of Istanbul, I hated just being there. It was all in attempts to get me into their establishment. Yelling at me that their restaurant was better than the one down the street, and pulling me into the cafe so I could look at the menu. When we were lost, a nice older man came by and offered to help us find our way. Some of the people in the markets definitely tried ripping me off, and some of the men were straight-up harassing us—one guy working at a restaurant got very physically affectionate with me and it was not OK.

Some of them were harmless and friendly, probably just really hurting for money. But after a few days there I was dying to just walk down a street and not feel bombarded by people trying to get my money. Sorry this was so long…. Clearly it appears to be a glass case of emotions with all the responses, but Ill be sure to watch out for women who try pull sell me water bags without the lemon and sugar, international heads will roll.

You have a bad experience and it clouds your perception of a place. A friend of mine complained about her time in Paris because everyone was rude. And we all have our loves and hates in travel, but you seem to be painting Vietnam with a pretty broad brush. But if you went back, would you be able to go without any negative perceptions? Not sure if I ever will travel to Vietnam, though I would love to, but I imagine I would go gladly willing to spend all the money I could to a nation so ravaged in the past.

I imagine I would like feeling as if I am balancing out the world a bit. Then again, you may be just exactly right. If they treat me like dirt and try to rip me off, why should they be entitled to anything at ALL?

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The Vietnamese have every right to hate Americans. Who are you in your comfortable world to tell them how to behave now. It is for sure Vietnamese, from youngsters to old veterans; do not have hard feeling to Westerners. The war ended 37 years ago.

Subsequent Dates And Relationship

My father was Northern soldier and got wounded in the war. He sometimes also told us his post-war thought; there is no hateness to American. I lived there 2 months, even fractured my forehead in a random bike accident. Everyone there was nothing but super nice. Most backpackers get used to Thailand and assume everyone is going to want to be there friend. I hope you give the country another shot with an open mind.

Oh man, you described my experience to a T.

Dating vietnam le nhung

Seriously, I have no idea why the people were so rude there. They constantly tried to rip me off, laughed at me while doing it and some bastard even tried jumping my cab meter. Not to mention, the constant beeping and honking of a million motobikes drove me nearly insane. Needless to say, when I landed in Laos, it was like I was reborn. They say Vietnam is a country that you either hate or love.

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Like you, I definitely leaned towards the former. We went to a restaurant and my two friends got a menu in English. My menu was in Vietnamese and the prices were markedly lower. We ordered our drinks from the Vietnamese menu and made sure the waiter knew about it. When we had finished our drinks, the tab came and of course it was with the English menu prices.

We called the manager and a 15 minute argument ensued.

In the end, we refused to pay the inflated prices, gave him the money and left the place pissed off. Ruined what would have otherwise been a great afternoon. My first time in Vietnam was for a total of two months backpacking as part of greater Asia-Africa trip, traveling south to north, in ; amazing. No issues apart from constant demands from street beggars like India. Now, in , I revisited on an overland trip from Bangkok into central China, via Laos and the Bien Dien Phu route, and I still loved traveling Vietnam even thou I knew there were a few inflated prices …but no rudeness, quite the opposite.

But I have had negative experiences in Russia — drugged, robbed; Iraq — arrested as a spy; mugged in Brazil; YET these things never soured my outlook or experience of these countries. I love everywhere …. I totally disagree on the fact that Westerners, and Americans in particular, owe something to Vietnam. I tend to think that people enhance or ruin my experience while travelling around a country. I guess that at some point I just learnt to ignore them which is a shame I know but I felt that I had no option.

I might agree with you or not but I totally understand that what you write is based on subjective info. My wife and I spent 3 weeks in northern and sother vietnam and had a great time. Loved the vibrant 24 hour street culture, bia hoi beers on the street, and amazing kayaking ih hailong bay. I first went to Saigon in — just after it opened — before there was free travel within the country which is why I never got permits to leave HCM and when there was no Lonely Planet!

In I went back. We stayed in local hotels — often with locals, caught local buses generally — we got the normal bargaining of course — but nothing worse than anywhere else in SEA.