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Six Greek organizations have formed SFU arms, although none are recognized by the University pursuant to a policy enacted in In total, SFU has 15 varsity sport teams and athletes. All varsity teams compete for their respective NCAA national championships, except for the Women's Wrestling team who competes for the Women's College Wrestling Association 's national championship. Other club teams include rugby, cheerleading, rowing, quidditch, and field hockey. Other Clan alumni include: The convocation is composed of all faculty members, senators, and graduates degree holders, including honorary alumni of the university.

Its main function is to elect the 4 convocation senators. Convocation ceremonies are held twice annually to confer degrees including honorary degrees as well as award diplomas and certificates. The board is composed of the chancellor, the president, two student members, two faculty members, one staff member, and eight individuals appointed by the British Columbia government. Conventionally, the board is chaired by one of the government appointees.

The board is responsible for the general management and governance of the university. The senate is composed of the chancellor, the president, vice-president, academic, vice-president, research, deans of faculties, dean of graduate studies, dean of continuing studies, associate vice-president, academic, university librarian, registrar as senate secretary , 14 student members, 28 faculty members, and 4 convocation members who are not faculty members.

The senate is chaired by the president. The academic governance of the university is vested in the senate. The chancellor is appointed by the board of governors on nomination by the alumni association and after consultation with the senate for a three-year term, which can be renewed once. The main responsibilities of the chancellor are to confer degrees and represent the university in formal functions.

The president and vice-chancellor is appointed by the board of governors based on a selection process jointly established by the board of governors and the senate of the university. As chief executive officer and chair of senate, the president is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the university. Terry Fox was a notable alumnus of SFU.

Diagnosed with bone cancer , which resulted in the amputation of his leg, the year-old kinesiology major set out to run across Canada in the Marathon of Hope to raise funding and awareness about cancer. As a result of Terry Fox's legacy, running for charitable causes is now integrated within communities worldwide. He also inspired friend Rick Hansen 's Man in Motion world tour by wheelchair. At each convocation, SFU awards honorary degrees to various people from around the world for their activities and pursuits. Due to the contemporary Brutalist architecture of the Burnaby Mountain campus, many buildings, including the WAC Bennett Library and Academic Quadrangle have been used for location shots in a variety of films and television programmes over the years.

Its first use as a film set was for the science fiction film The Groundstar Conspiracy , in which the entire campus complex was used.

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The campus also appeared in the movie American Boyfriends , set in , with the buildings dressed to look like they were still under construction. The campus served as a high-tech corporate setting in the film Antitrust. Recently, in addition to other Vancouver -area landmarks, many parts of the Burnaby campus were used for the filming of the movie The 6th Day as well as Agent Cody Banks. The film Personal Effects , was filmed in the newly constructed Blusson Hall at the Burnaby campus.

Filming of the movie Underworld: Awakening starring Kate Beckinsale, began in early with parts of the AQ modified as part of the set. SFU was also the film location for Halo 4: The Burnaby campus has been prominently featured in science fiction television series such as Stargate SG-1 , Battlestar Galactica , and Andromeda. The SFU Surrey campus has been featured in several episodes of Smallville and Caprica , with the entire mezzanine and registration area being transformed into the Caprica Inter-colonial Space Port.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see SFU disambiguation. The Towers officially opened in fall of are three dormitory-style buildings. One of the Towers features a room hotel called "The Simon Hotel". McTaggart-Cowan Hall built in , traditional-style dormitory building. Shell House built in , traditional-style dormitory building.

The Townhouse Complex built in are 3-level townhouse units accommodating up to 4 students per unit. There are a total of 99 units.

Hamilton Hall built in and renovated in is a studio-style building for graduate students. Louis Riel House built in is an apartment-style building unfurnished used for family and graduate housing. Although the residents tried to prevent the building's closure, it officially closed in September , due to mould problems. Bill Cunningham, board chair, alumni order-in-council Anne Giardini , Q.

Poole, order-in-council Fiona K. Peter Ruben, faculty member Patty P. Sahota, order-in-council Jesse Taylor, graduate student member Professor Judith Osborne, vice-president, legal affairs and university secretary. Shrum January 1, — May 31, Kenneth P. Cote June 1, — June 15, William M. Hamilton June 15, — May 31, Barbara J.

Simon Fraser University - Wikipedia

Saywell September 1, — March 1, [72] John O. Stubbs August 1, — January 31, [72] Jack P. Andrew Petter September 1, — present [72]. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. University portal British Columbia portal.

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Burnaby Surrey Vancouver Kamloops. Below is a forwarded email from Stephen Makonin, adjunct professor in the School of Engineering Science.

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