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Perfect for an outdoor wedding, it will sit perfectly with a fishtail or mermaid gown.

3 Ways to Bustle a Gown - wikiHow

A court train, also known as a puddle train, is the next style in length, extending about 3 feet along the floor. The court train and sweep train styles tend to be suitable for less formal weddings. A chapel train has the same look as a full train, but is normally shorter in length and therefore suitable for most wedding venues. This style of wedding dress train is now the most popular due to its ease of use. If you are having a formal wedding in a large venue, a Cathedral length train will make the most impact.

With a full skirt the train will extend anywhere between 6.

What Are The Types Of Bustles I Can Choose From?

Although a Cathedral train will be heavy to wear and will make moving around more difficult, this will balance out with the amazing photographs you will have. The longest wedding dress train is the Monarch train, often seen at royal weddings, and will extend over 8 feet along the floor. Kate Middleton's train measured 9 feet, but the longest of all was Princess Diana's at 25 feet. This is one occasion where your bridesmaids will be very busy helping you to get around! If you desire the stunning effect of a full train but love the look of a sexy column dress or fishtail, detachable trains are a must.

You can match the fabric of the train to the gown for a seamless blend, or you could opt for a tulle or organza train. These still have the wow factor but are much easier to manoeuvre, especially if you are having a destination wedding where the hot weather might make heavy satin impractical.

Look for half lined trains, or shaped trains tapering to a point highlighted with a gorgeous lace edging. Laser cut out details add an extra dimension and look stunning in photographs, as they show up all the beauty of the lace detailing, even from a distance. One concern you may have is what to do once you have had your photos taken and you are ready to dance the night away.

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With the help of a good seamstress it is possible to hook up a wedding dress train. Check and double check positioning of both hook and eye to ensure that the procedure went well. If one end is noticeably crooked you will need to take the side off that is hidden best and redo.

Drop by the local seamstress and get a quote on installing a hook for your train. It may be less stressful and cost may be inexpensive. If you feel that your wedding gown does not have a "hiding" place for the hook or eye, or you are not confident you can complete the task successfully, it is best you take your dress to a professional seamstress.

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Picking The Right Wedding Dress Bustle For Your Bridal Gown

Do not try the overbustle if your dress is heavy or has a particularly long train. Then measure the distance from the edge of the train to the base of the dress.

Pin the waistline seam and train. Lift the center back seam where you made the pin mark and position it against the center of the waistline, at the base of the bodice. To lift the remaining train off the floor, continue to fold and pin the train as necessary between the seams. Undo all the pin-marking points you have made on the train and waistline of the dress. Make sure to sew the ribbon securely into the waistline seam.

Make the loop stronger by reinforcing it with a small piece of interfacing, or by attaching the loop to the seam allowances of the dress. Repeat the same process for all other loops. Attach each ribbon to the corresponding loop by inserting the ribbon into the loop and tying a double bow. Plump up the fabric to make the bustle look bigger and to provide more volume. Pin the waistline seam.

Lift the center back seam where you made the pin mark and position it so it is flush against the center of the waistline, at the base of the bodice. Fold and pin the train. If the train is too long or heavy, redistribute the already existing folds into two smaller folds. When the folds are securely pinned, release the bustle and remove the pins.

How to Add a Hook for a Wedding Gown Train

Attach the buttons or hooks. In order to secure the dress on the day of the wedding, the bustle will need to be connected to the dress using either buttons or hooks. Sew these on wherever you made pin marks along the waistline. If the buttons or hooks need additional reinforcement, attach a small piece of interfacing under each one.

What Is A Wedding Dress Bustle?

Make the button loops. Use strong thread to thread the needle, then knot the ends of the thread together. Make a small backstitch from the right side of the train. Place your fingers inside the loop and grasp the loop. Pull the thread to tighten the first loop and create a second loop. Use several back stitches to secure the thread to the underside of the dress.